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Success – What does it mean to you? Posted by on Aug 8, 2013

useful reference What does success or being successful mean to you?  This is a very personal topic as success is defined differently for everyone.  Some believe success is based on level of income or material possession.  Others believe success is living a full, authentic, honest life.  mujer busca hombre avellaneda santa fe What is your definition?  There is no correct or incorrect answer to this question.  Each one of us is on our own unique journey.  The answer for each of us lies in our hearts.


dating sites for american soldiers What does it take to be a success?  I believe it takes truly being honest with oneself and living a life that is in complete alignment of one’s true gifts and serves their higher potential.  what does a full hookup campsite mean What do you feel?  This is a important step to awareness, take the time to go within and listen to your heart. What is holding you back from being successful?  Many may think it is time and/or money that holds them back.  In my experience these are just excuses we make up in our minds so we can avoid claiming our inner power.  Staying in the status quo can make us feel safe, it is a natural instinct to want to be safe and secure.  It also holds us back and keeps us small.  To step out and show up in the world in a bold way can make us feel scared but that is an illusion.  Showing up in a honest, authentic,  bold way connecting to your inner power is empowering and that is when the magic happens!  Remember “fear” and “excitement” have the same physical feelings, how we label it is all a matter of personal choice .  Have you ever stood in line to ride the really big, fast roller-coaster and have you heart beat loudly, your palms get sweaty and you think what the heck am I doing and you still get on the ride?  The car starts to climb up and up and up and right as it reaches to very top you hold your breathe, put your hands in the air and go for it anyway.  When you get off you want to get back in line because the ride was so exhilarating.  That is shifting fear into excitement and it is something you can do on a daily basis.  We become fearful of the unknown, the “what if’s” in life.  There are no guarantees in  life, good things and bad things happen and there is a lesson in each.  Take the time to look at those events and learn the lesson that is being presented.  It is powerful and will unlock your potential enabling you to live the successful life you so deserve.


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