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omegle conocer personas por cГЎmara How many times in a week do you hear the words “I’m sorry” from partners, friends, family, coworkers, strangers?  This is a common expression in our society; but what does it really mean?  Everyone who has been hurt looks for an apology of some kind. Apologizing is a way to heal a hurtful situation.  It seems the words “I’m sorry” are used so frequently and are often spoken from the unconscious; the person saying the phrase may not be mindful of what occurred that required an apology. Sometimes it is a fast way to move forward in an unpleasant situation, but does it change the behavior that made the apology necessary in the first place?  Imagine living life from an authentic honest place; allowing yourself to be mindful and present, how much joy would that bring to your life and your relationships?  Once we slow down and become present in the moment we can change our behavior and our relationships.  It’s possible; with practice and awareness any behavior can be changed.

my company I offer a simple scenario of using the simple words of “I’m sorry” and a more heartfelt apology to demonstrate the difference.

brainiacs dating Someone in your life failed to keep their word.  This is not the first time this has happened and you become upset and hurt.

online dating site in italy The standard  apology:  “I’m sorry for upsetting you”.

sie sucht ihn bottrop markt Something different:  “I know I’ve hurt and upset you because I failed to keep my word.   What you can count on in the future, is me keeping my word and being mindful and considerate of your feelings.  Please forgive me for the pain I’ve caused you”. How does receiving a heartfelt apology make you feel? When we become mindful and accountable for our behavior we can change our behavior.  It is easy to say “I’m sorry” and just move on; and it gives us permission for the behavior to remain unchanged.  So much of what we do is out of habit and happens from our subconscious.  To be fully present and mindful takes practice and it gives us the power to build stronger, deeper relationships.

I believe the words “I am sorry” can be appropriate when expressing sorrow or offering condolences to someone for their lose of a loved one; if truly spoken from the heart.  The energy behind the words we use are felt by another person; so be mindful and speak from your heart.

I invite you to keep track of the number of times you say “I’m sorry” or  hear “I’m sorry”.    Question yourself and take a look at the behavior behind the simple apology.  What can you change or do differently?  Is it possible to communicate differently so an apology isn’t required?  This is an easy shift and can be taught to our children.  Teach them early about forgiveness and it will become second nature to them.  We all do things in life that we would like to do over or do differently, that is part of growing and learning.  The key is to learn from our mishaps, choose something different and move through life with ease and grace.  Sometimes it is the small baby steps that we take that add up and facilitate the positive changes in our lives.  Use this tool when appropriate and see what transpires in your life.

Drop me a note and tell me about your experiences.

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