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Taking a Hiatus

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014

Taking a Hiatus

Monday Morsels for the Soul is taking a hiatus!  I’ve throughly enjoyed writing and publishing each week.

As previously announced I’ve teamed up with fellow CTA graduate, Heidi Reagan, Life Expansion Enthusiast and Co-founder of Bold Passion.  We are very excited about our new venture and I invite you to check us out.  What is Bold Passion about?  It’s a new unique and completely original experience.  We get to the meat of it; discovering the edge that will move you into the ride of your life; celebrating YOU along the way to live boldly, love fully and be radiant.  Together we will raise your energy so you can life your life with passion and illuminate your true potential.  It’s a Phenomenon!  Additionally, each week two blog articles are posted that provide insights and inspiration to live life fully.  Check out The Passion Zone for our latest blogs, quote of the week and tip of the week.

Bold Passion is active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with daily posts.  Links are provided below.  Be sure to stop by to like our Facebook Fan Page and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

Of course, I am still available for one-on-one coaching.  All contact information remains unchanged and you can always contact me by E-mail; or by telephone (845) 787-4826.

I appreciate your continued support; thank you!

With gratitude,

Claudia Frey

Dream Life Navigator









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Rising Above!

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

Rising Above!
“Don’t carry your mistakes around with you…Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them.  
~Healing Light’s

A life of perfection does not exist.  We are human!  Decisions are made based on the information that is available at a particular point in time.  As we learn and grow new information is accessible and the end result changes.  Miscalculation or misinterpretation is a natural part of learning and oddly provides a sense of accomplishment and wisdom because you survived.  Life is always going to present obstacles, the trick is how you navigate through those challenges and come out on the other side.

To live life fully risks are fundamental, so it’s distinctly possible that you will make a few mistakes along the way.   It’s okay!  Life is unpredictable and that’s what makes living entertaining.  Learn from the mishaps and rise above them.  Surrender the impulse to dwell on the mistake, just discover the cause; eliminate it and move on not to be repeated again.  Clinching tightly and giving into fear will eventually paralyze you to the point that you can’t move forward.  Collecting this type of baggage through a lifetime will become extremely heavy; and honestly what’s the point?  You won’t be given a medal for it or granted some desired wish so let it go!  It’s yucky energy and it will keep you living a very, very small life.

Embrace your greatness for being a human and have some fun.  Since its inevitable mistakes will occur, you might as well relish in the process!

buy clomid online 25mg Struggling….I can assist you in gaining clarity.  One-on-one coaching is available; together we can customize a plan that works for your schedule and budget. 

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Be the Artist of your life!

Be the Artist of your life!

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Posted by on Jul 14, 2014


A decision has to be made and your stuck.  What do you do?  A thousand decisions are made every day and most of them are second nature, do I get up in the morning or stay in bed?  Do I eat breakfast at home or stop for a bit to eat before work?  Do I shop for food today or push it off until tomorrow?  But what about the times that no matter how hard you attempt to solve a problem, the answers just aren’t available.  Or, how much effort and time do you put into “trying” to solve a problem only to find you can’t solve it?  What then?

Our minds are capable of solving many problems and making thousands of decisions and those decisions are based on the information that is available to us.  The human mind is only capable of perceiving an outcome that it has already experienced or obtained from existing knowledge.

Situations perceived as problems just may be something entirely different.  I ask that you keep an open mind and imagine this…the obstacles that are presented to you are really gifts.    The very problem that may be keeping you up at night pacing the floor wondering “how to fix it” or “make it go” away is a gift; an opportunity for you to learn to trust your higher self, your inner knowing.  The higher self knows what is best for you and guides you to make the correct decisions so you live your best life.  What do you need to do?  Pay attention to what your higher self is telling you.  How you ask?  Living in the present is a beginning,  being crystal clear about what you want and setting the intention is the next step and  letting go of any attachment to the outcome is the final step.  In between setting the intention and letting go of the outcome it is important to take committed action.  Wishing for an outcome does not manifest the end result.  Action is necessary to having your desires materialize.

Confused…take a moment and breath, go within and ask “What is it I need to know?”  The answers will arrive.  They may be in forms of ideas, connections, dreams…just open your mind to all the possibilities. Trust your higher self and your inner knowing; because when it comes down to it you already have all the answers to any obstacles or problem you may be encountering.  Surrendering the “how” things are resolved makes life much more fun.

Here’s a tip…whenever you find your inner dialogue using the word “how” that is a trigger it is time to ask “What is it I need to know?” and allow your higher self to solve the problem.  Remember how is not your job!

Struggling….I can assist you in getting clear.  One-on-one coaching is available and together we can customize a plan that works for your schedule and your budget. 

As I announced last week I am part of the Bold Passion team.  I invite you to join the movement and enter The Passion Zone.  Our program is an experience, it is bold, new, dynamic and fun.  Sign up today and learn how to live your passion boldly everyday!

During your 7 week expansion you will learn how to unlock the mysteries to living your best, most radiant life possible.

Jump into a life that makes you tingle and gives you goosebumps.

Embody the Live It! Love It! Be It! philosophy!

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The next Ruby and Diamond Experiences begin soon.  There are three schedule options for maximum convenience!

Choose to start on Thursday July 17th, Sunday July 20th or Tuesday July 22nd.

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Living with Passion!

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014

Living with Passion!

Fear!  The literal definition, an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.  What is fear?  It’s the heartbeat of the ego mind, the shadow self.  It’s what keeps you stuck in your past, projecting the same experience to happen in your future.  Our physical mind is only capable of predicting the same outcome of a past experience.  It cannot experience anything else because it doesn’t know anything different.

Fear is an energy block and its possible to move that block with concentration on breath.  Locate the place in your body that feels tense, normally it’s the lower back or shoulder area; but can be anywhere in your body.  Once you’ve pinpointed the tension slowly receive deep breaths and breath into the tension.  Tension is a form of stress that the body holds onto.  Everyone experiences stress in their life, its part of living; but you don’t have to be held hostage to the stress or the fear.

Living in fear of “what if’s” deprives you of your inner peace.  It keeps you up at night and depletes your energy.  How many times have you been fearful of something happening in your life only to find it never transpires?  Focusing on fear is a waste of precious time that can be focused on joy.  Living in the moment, the right here and now and having the trust in yourself or a higher power, if you believe, is the ticket of living a joyful and fun life.  You have the power to create your life the way you want it to look.

As a coach I’ve witnessed many clients who come to me for assistance and they are bond by fear.  Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of success…the list is endless.  Here’s the thing, fear is a state of mind.  It’s only real if you allow it to exist.  Learn to trust yourself, you have amazing gifts, talents and power.  The magic happens in life when you permit yourself to connect with that power.



As I announced last week I am part of the Bold Passion team.  I invite you to join the movement and enter The Passion Zone.  Our program is an experience, it is bold, new, dynamic and fun.  Sign up today and learn how to live your passion boldly everyday!


Embody the Live It! Love It! Be It! philosophy!


The next Ruby and Diamond Experiences begin soon.  There are three schedule options for maximum convenience!  Choose to start on my explanation Thursday July 17th, Sunday July 20th or Tuesday July 22nd.


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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014


Every time an event from the past is replayed in our thoughts or spoken out loud, we tell a story.  What type of stories are you telling?

We tell ourselves a variety of stories, some have a high vibrational energy to them and some do not.  Continually repeating something that has occurred attaches you to that energy.  Law of Attraction in it’s simplest form…we attract what we think, believe and feel.

A few weeks ago I found myself totally entangled in someone’s story.  As a friend I wanted to be reassuring and offer comfort so I easily listened; knowing that it wasn’t my job to fix anything.  I was being a supportive friend.  As my day continued I found myself thinking about my friends problem and noticed something was happening to my body.  It felt tense, a headache appeared out of nowhere and I began to feel yucky.  Then the light bulb turned on for me; just by thinking about my friends problems I was taking on the energy of her story and making it my energy.  This prompted me to do some self clearing work.  Many techniques work; but my favorite is taking a sea salt/epsom salt bath with drops of lavender essential oil.  Submerging into the tub my body began to relax, feeling the sea salt/epson salt pulling the toxins out of the body and the lavender oil appealing to my senses; I began feeling good again.

My purpose of sharing this story is to illustrate how fast lower energy vibrations can play havoc with your wellbeing.  The best defense; pay attention and tune in and listen to your body.  What is it saying?  What is it telling you?  If you’re feeling sad, angry, hurt, depressed your vibrational energy is very low.  Develop outlets that raise your vibrational energy.  What brings you joy?

What about the stories we tell about other people?  How do they impact our energy field?  By repeating someone else’s story, you are making it your story.  Even if you are sharing with a third party out of concern, you are taking on the vibrational energy field of the story.  It really boils down to this; repeating stories about people is a form of gossip.  Simply, they’re not your stories to tell.

To keep your vibrational energy high, talk only good about others.  Share the good news.  Choose to be the person that elevates others.  These are the stories worth telling!

I am accepting new clients now!  If you’re struggling or know someone who is, let me help!  I am good at what I do and you deserve to have a coach in your corner that can support and guide as you discover your truths.  Allow me to teach you skills that will make your life joyful.  It takes committed action on your part, pick up the phone and call me!  845-787-4826.   

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Two incredible coaching programs, Dare to Dream In Color Program and Solopreneur by Design.

Check them out and remember I can customize any program to suit your individual needs.  Call me today, what are you waiting for?  If not now, when?  



Your time is now! – Be the Artist of your life!


Be the Artist of your life!

Be the Artist of your life!


Attention Corporate Professionals!!!

Are you a frustrated, stressed out, unhappy professional stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day, wondering “Is this all there is to life?”  Do you live in a black, white and gray world?  Do you crave balance, more joy and success in your professional life?  Are you ready to get real?

 If this resonates with you, read on…

The Dare to Dream In Color Program was designed around personal experience working in the corporate world feeling unfulfilled, disillusioned  and asking “Is this it?  Is this all there is to life?”  You don’t have to take the long painful road to make changes in your life.  A shift in thinking can make all the difference in loathing going to work and loving your job; excited for each day to begin.

Become the artist of your life, creating a balanced work/home life and achieving greater success in all areas of your life.  Learn, master and incorporate tools into your daily life; allowing you to deal with the frustration, stress and unhappiness you are experiencing right now.  Together, we form a partnership and map out a path that is in your best interest.  You can have it both, a successful career and a balanced home life.  And, if it comes down to making a different choice regarding your career you will be better prepared to make that choice.

What would achieving balance in your life feel like?  Can you imagine it?  How different would your life look?  Incorporate a little color into your world with the  Dare to Dream In Color Program 

Solopreneur by Design red background

Attention Solopreneurs!

Are you struggling with reaching your business goals?  Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that you’re doing?  Between keeping up with social media, marketing, bookkeeping, sales, creating new products,
it can be difficult to keep yourself on track with your goals.

Here’s the good news….

A new coaching program “Solopreneur by Design” specially developed to assist you in reaching your goals and achieving greater success.  Sometimes direction and focus with an accountability partner is required so you can move past the struggle to achieve the success you desire.  Don’t go it alone, let me assist you!

Check it out, click on the link Solopreneur by Design

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