Coaching Partnership

buy furosemide 40 mg online The Roles of Coach and Client:

buy propecia paypal  The relationship between coach and client is one of mutual respect.   Our coaching sessions are always about the issues cytotec donde comprar en monterrey you  want to discuss.  My role is to listen, reflect, ask the hard questions, give perspectives and offer options. Ultimately, I believe that you are the only one who knows what is best for you.  You have your own answers.  I will support you, believe in you and celebrate you as you discover those answers.


As your Coach I will:

  1. Be just as excited and committed to your goals as you are
  2. Challenge you to define what a winning life means to you
  3. Hold you accountable as you live up to your potential
  4. Provide support and structure to assist you in achieving a more balanced life
  5. Keep you focused to produce results quickly
  6. Always be honest and direct
  7. Keep our conversations and correspondence confidential


As my Client, I ask you to:

  1. Be fully prepared and focused at each session
  2. Be honest with yourself and with me
  3. Let me know what works for you and what does not work for you
  4. Accept and commit to the challenges given to you in order to deepen the work done in our sessions
  5. Be your word
  6. Acknowledge and accept your accountability for what is not working in your life
  7. Be willing to celebrate your efforts as you work toward your desired outcome
  8. Be willing to let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve your best interests 


Disclaimer Notice:

If you have issues that I feel are beyond the scope of coaching I will recommend you talk to your physician or mental health professional.  I am not a licensed therapist and do not attempt to provide psychological diagnosis or treatment.


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