Frequently Asked Questions What can Coaching do for me?

Coaching is a co-creative partnership where together we will identify your goals and determine what is holding you back from reaching those goals.  With a Coach in your corner you are more likely to stretch beyond your comfort zone and embrace the changes you want to make, finding reasons to believe in yourself and your success.


cytotec available at health department How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Coaching focuses on your goals to move forward in life, unlike therapy or counseling that deals with past events.


chloroquine tablet buy Who hires a Coach?

Individuals hire a coach when they are serious about embracing postitive change in their life and are willing to do the work necessary to bring about those changes.


Are coaching sessions confidential?

I am a person of integrity and will keep all of our conversations and correspondences confidential.  I believe in accountability for our actions and their consequences.  The only exception to maintaining confidentiality is if you are engaged in any illegal activities, by law I am required to report such activities.


Is coaching expensive?

If you ever spent money on personal improvement strategies such as chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, fitness club memberships, personal trainers, spa treatments, weight loss/diet programs, etc. then you know the value of investing in yourself.  E. I. E. Coaching fees are reasonable and a great value.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Fees may be paid by credit card or debit card processed through PayPal, a secure confidential internet payment system.


What is your privacy policy?

I will not share any information (name, address, email, telephone no., etc.) provided by you with anyone.


Do I have to sign a contract?

There are no legal contracts to sign.  Based on my experience most clients sign up for 3 months of coaching allowing them to make an honest effort in reaching their goals.  This commitment is a personal affirmation and in no way a binding contract.


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