If not now…when?

If not now…when?

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you ready to shake things up; to be bold enough to claim your dreams? Isn’t it time?  Are you ready to rise above the mediocrity that surrounds you?  The platform for this E-zine has been to provide tips and tools that you can use to improve your life.  I am shaking it up a bit; today it’s a little more personal.

Those of you who know me personally know that I never give up on my dreams or desires.  Occasionally I’ve been sidetracked, but the dream has always been in my minds eye.  Through the years I’ve spent thousands of dollars on self help books, programs, seminars, trainings…you name it I’ve either done it or read about it.  I have a complete library in my home of books, CD’s, DVD’s and a ton of downloaded material on the computer.  Workbooks have been completed, programs have been followed and books have been devoured. Make no mistake,  I am living  my dream life and have been for years.  Leaving the corporate world and taking control of my life was the biggest step to fulfilling my dreams.  But still something was absent and I began asking myself…what am I missing?

This year has produced many new opportunities for personal and professional growth.  I teamed up with a colleague and we assisted each other in moving forward with our business by becoming accountability partners.  At first we talked briefly 3 times per week.  This was a huge benefit but it wasn’t enough.  I personally felt I wasn’t reaching my goals fast enough.  As a result of the collaboration an amazing thing happen.  Together we unlocked the mystery ingredients and developed a very new, exciting, unique program.

After months of testing this program,  the results have been astounding.  People and opportunities are showing up right and left to assist both of us in moving forward with having it all.  And now I want to bring it to you!

I am very excited to announce I joined forces with Heidi Reagan, Life Expansion Enthusiast.  Blending our individual talents and areas of expertise Heidi and I have created a new, dynamic and creative experience.  What is it?  It’s a phenomenon called  best place to buy clomid online uk Bold original site Passion Live It! Love It! Be It!  If you are truly ready to celebrate you, to live & love freely, and claim your brilliance then Bold Passion is your ticket to living your passion each and every day.

This program is different from anything else you may have encountered.  It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s fun.  We have many surprises tucked up our sleeve but the one thing I can guarantee is lots of one-on-one attention from not one, but two coaches.   This is not a touchy feely program, we plan on getting down and dirty!  The groups will be small and intimate and we are committed to your success.  Are you ready to have some fun?  Join the movement and check it out today.

A free gift awaits you, 5 Simple Steps to Living with provigil kopen Bold Passion. Visit today and claim your gift!

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