My Path & My Pain

This is my story….

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Working as a management executive for decades,  I learned many valuable skills and life lessons along the way.  I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences because those experiences are what got me to this point in life.  The days  were long and extremely stressful for many  years.  As companies started to downsize in the mid to late 1990’s, positions were eliminated, and everyone was expected to take on more and more work.  After all,  this was a blessing, right?  I was gainfully employed!   No matter how many hours were worked or how much work was taken home, I never saw the bottom of the in-box.  I remember asking myself, Is this it?  Is this all life has to offer?  I craved balance but didn’t know how to achieve it.


In the late 1990’s both of my parents were lost to cancer.  They died within 14 months of each other, first my Dad and then my Mom.  During that time a very dear friend and mentor was also lost to cancer.  I became numb and my actions were more robotic than anything else.  It is difficult to put into words because there is so much I just don’t remember.  I went into a deep depression and wasn’t sure what to do next.


Then one day, in June of 2002 the time came when I said enough….I am done!   The job no longer full-filled me and I wanted more, I wanted to feel alive again.   My heart longed to feel joy again!  I wanted the pain to stop!  Reaching a point in life, knowing there must be a better way.    What was my purpose in life?  Why am I on this planet?  These questions kept nagging me, even while sleeping.   This begun my spiritual journey, reading every spiritual and self-help book  available; and enrolling in an intense personal growth training program.   My life changed,  a sense of joy and inner peace filled me up.    Remembering my natural gifts and talents, I was truly happy again.  Transforming from a negative thought pattern to a positive thought pattern was exhilarating.   Was the work hard?  Yes at times it was; but discovering the authentic me in the process was worth every minute.  I was Misoprostol online cheap worth the investment of  both  time and money.   My life is meaningful,  filled with joy, peace and harmony, and I remain in gratitude each and every day.

My journey thus far has had a lot of twists and turns and I am grateful for all of it.  The good, the bad and the ugly!    Having someone in my corner reminding me of those special gifts and talents made the transition much easier.


I believe everyone has the ability to reinvent themselves and choose the life they desire.   My passion is to help others, teaching tools and skills that will aid them in reaching their own goals and dreams; caring deeply about people and wanting to invest in their growth.   Growth can be defined as being comfortable with public speaking, conquer the fear of flying or transforming your life completely.  No dream or goal is too small or too large.   Everyone has their own path to take and the journey can be fun!  Having someone in your corner cheering you on, holding you accountable and celebrating with you,  can make the difference of wanting something different in life and actually living a different life.  If you are ready to live a more harmonious joyful life, I would be honored to assist you along the way.



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