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More Help  Welcome to E.I.E. Coaching 

I assist frustrated, stressed out, unhappy professionals identify and discover what is preventing them from achieving greater success, fulfillment and balance in their lives.

Does this describe you?  Are you stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day, wondering “is this all there is to life?  Do you live in a black, white and gray world?  What would achieving balance in your life feel like?  Can you imagine it?  How different would your life look?

harga obat azithromycin 500 mg di apotik  If this resonates with you, read on…..

You don’t have to take the long, painful road to make changes in your life.  A simple shift in thinking may make all the difference in you loathing going to work and loving your job; excited for each day to begin.  There are tools and skills that you can master and incorporate into your daily life so you can deal with the frustration, stress and unhappiness you are experiencing right now.  Together, we can form a partnership and map out a path that is in your best interest.  You can have it both,  a successful career and a balanced life.  And, if it comes down to making a different choice regarding your career you will be better prepared to make that choice.  It isn’t necessary to go it alone.  Take a look at the program I’ve developed,  Dare to Dream In Color and incorporate a little color into your world. 

My vision is support men and women from the corporate world who are ready to create a harmonious, joyful and balanced life.    Creating a life on your terms takes courage and fortitude.   I care deeply and I am willing to invest time and energy in you reaching your goals and living the life of your dreams.

My mission is to provide a safe environment where you can renew, evolve and embrace “what’s next” in your life.  I’ve developed a unique coaching experience, using meditation and visualization exercises coupled with standard coaching practices; which will empower you to release old limiting beliefs and be receptive to new opportunities.

Ask yourself, how much is it costing me by not investing in myself?  You deserve to have it all!

With Gratitude,

Claudia Frey, CTACC
Dream Life Navigator



What is coaching? 

Coaching is a co-creative partnership where we will:

  • Identify your goals
  • Identify the obstacles/barriers to obtaining your goals
  • Find solutions to the obstacles by challenging fixed beliefs.
  • Discover reasons to believe in yourself and why you will succeed
  • Celebrate your efforts along the way.


Everyone deserves support on their journey through life.  Many people experience significant breakthroughs, achieving great success using a dedicated life coach to guide them through their process. 
Let me assist you in igniting your passion, awakening your dreams and discovering that you are alive
Stop “trying” and start being the co-creator in your life.

Empower – Inspire – Enrich your life today


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