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Be the Artist of your life!

Be the Artist of your life!

Are you a frustrated, stressed out, unhappy professional stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day, wondering “Is this all there is to life?”  Do you live in a black, white and gray world?  Do you crave balance, more joy and success in your professional life?  Are you ready to get real?

If this resonates with you, read on…

The efectos secundarios despues de usar cytotec Dare to Dream In Color Program was designed around personal experience working in the corporate world feeling unfulfilled, disillusioned  and asking “Is this it?  Is this all there is to life?”  You don’t have to take the long painful road to make changes in your life.  A shift in thinking can make all the difference in loathing going to work and loving your job; excited for each day to begin.

Become the artist of your life, creating a balanced work/home life and achieving greater success in all areas of your life.  Learn, master and incorporate tools into your daily life; allowing you to deal with the frustration, stress and unhappiness you are experiencing right now.  Together, we form a partnership and map out a path that is in your best interest.  You can have it both, a successful career and a balanced home life.  And, if it comes down to making a different choice regarding your career you will be better prepared to make that choice.

What would achieving balance in your life feel like?  Can you imagine it?  How different would your life look?  Incorporate a little color into your world with the Dare to Dream In Color Program .  


Click on the above link for complete details about this spectacular program that is guaranteed to bring you greater success in all areas of your life.


Solopreneur by Design red background

Are you struggling with reaching your business goals?  Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that you’re doing?  Between keeping up with social media, marketing, bookkeeping, sales, creating new products, it can be difficult to keep yourself on track with your goals.  

Here’s the good news….

A new coaching program Solopreneur by Design specially developed to assist you in reaching your goals and achieving greater success.  Sometimes direction and focus with an accountability partner is required so you can move past the struggle to achieve the success you desire.

Check it out, click on the link  Solopreneur by Design for complete details; discover your Solopreneur guru!





Dare to Dream in Color Workshop

This workshop is tailored for those individuals wanting to get in touch with their forgotten dreams.  You’ll be inspired to embrace your dreams and given steps to make those dreams become a reality in your life.  This workshop provides details and tools that if used everyday will get you moving forward with your desires.  If you are willing to take a deep introspective look and discover what is holding you back, I promise you will leave this event with a new outlook.  Empower, Inspire, Enrich Your Life! with E.I.E. Coaching.

The Dare to Dream in Color Workshop is a full day event, which will include coffee, tea and water throughout the day, hot/cold buffet lunch and an afternoon snack.  All workshop materials are also included.  Exact location will be announced 2 months prior to the event being held.  Event will be held locally, no more than a 30 – 40 mile radius of Newburgh, New York.  Pre-registration and payment in advance is required for all workshops.

where can i purchase lasix Teleconferences:

Teleconferences are designed around a specific topic.  Announcements will be made in our free E-Zine and posted on the site.  Sign up today to receive our free E-Zine so you know the latest happenings with E. I. E. Coaching.


Group Coaching Session:

Group coaching is an affordable way to experience coaching.  Each group is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants.  Each participant is asked to dial in with a specific issue they wish  coaching on.  Individuals are coached for 15 minutes each per call.   This coaching call will include all aspects of a regular coaching session including holding you accountable to your actions.  A total of 3 calls per session is included in the fee.  The call will be a total of approximately  1 ½ – 2 hours, allowing time for opening and closing remarks. You are required to absorb your own long distance telephone charges.

In addition to  your one on one coaching experience during this call, you will also benefit by listening to the other participants as they are coached.  Upon registration for each group coaching session , you will be asked to email me your name and a short bio.  I will distribute this information among the group members to add a personal touch.  I ask all participants to honor each other and keep this information as well as the information discussed on our calls confidential.

Pre-registration and pre-payment of the fee is required.  A receipt and Welcome Package including a Client Data Form,  responsibilities and the dial in telephone number and access code is provided by email before the session commences.

Schedule is announced 2 months in advance.


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